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Summer Camps

Summer Camps is a program offered for the youth of the Parish of Saint Gertrude. It serves as a link between the Religious Education and the Post Confirmation programs. Since 2013 every year we invite young adults from the last year of the Religious Education program to go with us for five days of spiritual retreat, enjoying the beauty of the sorrounding nature.

First summer camp took place in a beautiful retreat center "El Tesoro" located in the foothills of the Pikes Peak in Colorado.

Ever since we take a trip every year with about 40 youth either to Colorado or to Wisconsin. It has been always an event that helped our students to deepen their relationship with the Lord and create bonds of friendship between them - the gift that can not be overpriced in our lonely and atomized society of virtual communication.

Many of young people who came with us to one of these events returned transformed, with new enthusiasm, full of joy that belongs to their age. Many of them have joined our Post Confirmation program and continue meetings in small groups on weekly basis. Many decided do come again for the next summer camp. You can help our young people by sponsoring one of them for that retreat. Every donation will be greatly appreciated! Click the button...

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