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Post-Confirmation Program

Many parishes struggle with keeping the young people in the Church after they have finished their religious education and received the sacrament of confirmation. St. Gertrude Parish offers a very attractive and fruitful formation for young adults, called "Post-Confirmation Program".

After completing their confirmation young people are invited to join (freely) small groups by 7-8 that continue to meet on weekly bases in the houses of the couples assigned to guide them and in the parish.

The couples of good reputation, members of the parish and formed by the Neocatechumenal Way are assigned by the pastor to accompany each group through the period of 3-4 years of regular meetings.

We see how this program helps young people to stay close to God, to the Church and defends them from the dangers of laicized society we are all living in.

A part of the program is the summer camp. Every year young people from the post confirmation program and the candidates for the confirmation are invited to participate in one week event that brings them together and encourages them to continue their formation.

The coordinators of the program is Fr. Eryk Czarnecki and Mr. Carlos Arenas. You may get more information about the program at the office for Religious Education.

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