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Cursillo is a Community and the weekend is called a Movement because its mission is to bring Christ to others by learning how to fully embrace their vocation as a layperson.  The weekend is not a retreat. It is an opportunity to learn, grow and share in Eucharist Prayer, Adoration and Personal Reflection within the context of a Christian Community.  

Cursillo is an educational and spiritual community experience.  It fosters, and enriches participates (also known as candidates) understanding of what it means to be a layperson in the Catholic Church.  The weekend is designed to inspire and encourage participants to continue to deep their understanding of their Faith, Spirituality and to become leaders in their parishes and communities.  

Candidates are required to have  a sponsor a person who has already made a Cursillo weekend and have a relationship with the candidate before the weekend. The sponsor will make all arrangements for  transportation to and from the weekend as well as touch base with the candidate's spouse or family to enable the candidate to be free from outside worries and allow him/her to have the freedom to enjoy the weekend experience and leave the outside world obligations in good hands.

A sponsor connects with his/her candidate after the weekend to assist him/her to connect with a small community in his/her area known as a reunion group.  This group meets regularly to reflect, share and pray about aspects of being a layperson in action throughout his/her daily life.

Contact person: Marie & Ron Caronti 947-455-1100

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